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If your business doesn’t rank #1 page of search engines then your’re leaving money on the table. Being on #1 page of search engines like Google can bring you a few hundred times more customers.

Our SEO Services

Local SEO Service

This service is for ranking your business in you local area. This service includes on page optimization, GMB optimization, CRO, link building, citation building. We take clients on 3/6/12 months contract. Minimum contract is for 3 months.

Global SEO Service

This service is for business targetting a whole country or for business targetting multiple countries. This service includes on page optimization, link building, brand awarness., technical SEO issue fixing.
Minimum contract is for 6 months.

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Your brand should rank at #1 page on search engines. If it doesn’t, you are leaving money on the table. Using our honest and sophisticated services, you can increase your brand’s exposure higher than you've ever dreamed. Higher ranking = more visitors = more customers.

We Care

We care about our clients products and services. We know that just by ranking on #1 page can't bring you customers if your website doesn't convert. That's why we offer CRO alongside SEO. If your business rocks, that also means gain for our agency. It's a win win for both, right?

Increase Revenue

Just getting #1 page isn’t enough if the visitors doesn't convert to customer, that ranking has no benefits. Our focus is on finding customers who are pre-qualified to purchase your goods and services. Alongside SEO, we take care of the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) too. ROI is always the end game for us.

Monthly Reports

We believe that strong communication is the key to a healthy, profitable business relationship. We’ll send you monthly updates about your website position and a brief about what we've done. We'll share access to premium rank tracker, you can check your ranking anytime.

How Do We Work?

1. We Observe

At first we try to know everything there is to know about your business. We do this so we can understand who your customers are and what need to be done to grow your business.

2. Investigate

Once we’ve gathered all the information we need, we’ll investigate every possible solution until we find the perfect one. We then create a detailed plan outlining key milestones that will keep us on track.

3. Create & Execute

Your customers will be at the heart of everything we do. Researching about your customers, establishing user journeys and executing clickable prototypes will ensure we make a solution that really works.

4. Test & Improve

As a respected SEO specialist, we strive for perfection. This means we constantly test, permanently evaluate and always improve. We do this before, during and after any project, whether it’s a local or a large-scale international website.

5. Success

That's the fun part! Nothing makes us much happier than the successful delivery of a project. However, big or small, we love making clients happy. That's our end goal.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our fee varies by what you need, how much the competition is and how much resource we’ll have to spend. Our pricing starts from as low as $750 per month for very small business that requires less work and our pricing can go up to $100k+ per month for a large company.

We take on clients for 3 months / 6 months or yearly basis. 3 months is minimum but at least 6 months is recommended for getting proper result. Because SEO takes time to show expected result. It’s a time consuming process but the results are sweet. Once you rank on #1 page you won’t need to spend a fortune on ads, you’ll get free visitor organically, that’s the real beauty of SEO. Click here for more details on pricing.

Being on #1 page can bring you additional 10/20/50/100+ customers (depends on how many people looking for the service). That justifies the price you’ll pay for SEO. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is the application of search engine strategies that can help your website rank higher in specific local markets. These techniques include the claiming of local directory listings, building local citations, and on-page optimization. SEO has proven to be an important marketing strategy for those with physical locations. For a more in-depth explanation, read our guide on: What is SEO?

Why do I need SEO?

The higher you rank in the search engines, the greater the number of local customers you will see coming through your doors. Today’s consumers are using the local results of the search engines far more often than the Yellow Pages. If you aren’t visible on page 1 or the maps, you are missing out on paying customers. For more information, read: Why is SEO Important.

Do you guarantee result?

Unfortunately, no legit agency can guarantee the number one spot on Google. There’s a reason why Google cautions against trusting companies that claim they can guarantee rankings. Because Google’s algorithm changes so often and so rapidly, that’s why it’s impossible to guarantee specific results. You can vastly improve your chances when you choose a SEO company/agency that knows their thing and doesn’t claim they can do anything.

What makes you different than others ?

Many SEO companies make impressive claims, but we have years of experience and the expertise to get proven results. Not only do we have SEO veterans on our team who have run effective SEO campaigns for some real big websites. We don’t pick every person who contacts us. We only deal if you have legal business & we know that we can rank that.

How much do you charge for SEO?

How much a campaign will cost can vary according to a few factors: the specific keywords you’re targeting, your website’s history, your business location, and how much work will be needed to help you meet your goals. SEO Blasters provides cost-effective solutions for both large and small businesses, and we can design an SEO campaign that’s both affordable for you and gets real results. 

How long it Will take to see results?

SEO is more of a long-term strategy than a quick fix, but it consistently delivers the best ROI and is well worth the wait. It’s not easy to predict exactly when your website’s rankings will improve. Typically, our clients first see noticeable improvement in the first 3 months on their long tail keywords, and it takes around 6 months to see movement on their more competitive search terms.

Will my website need any changes?

Generally, the websites we work with don’t need a major overhaul to optimize them for SEO — just some work on the code or content of individual pages. Most of our clients choose to have SEO Blasters staff make these changes. However, if you’d like to implement the necessary changes in-house, we can offer clear directives for doing so.

Isn’t it something I could do myself?

It is possible to do Search Engine Optimization yourself. However, it takes a lot of time and testing to learn. There are so many things that you’ll need to do for ranking on #1 page. Not to mention the time it takes to do your research, implement techniques, monitor progress, and maintain your strategy. Doing it the wrong way can stall your efforts altogether. And you’ll need to be always updated because SEO changes all the time.

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